Easy Does It

Today my post is just a short note of cautio:

Be careful that your desire for an outcome becomes so huge that it overshadows your morality and dignity. Principles should be determined and entrenched within you before the moment of decision because in that moment emotion will be too heavy to permit you to be objective.

Every time I have decided to suffer loss, embrace pain or miss an “opportunity” because of principle it has been a painful decision but I know it adds to my character and reputation equity. A good name is better than silver or gold.

Take it easx, you will get there. The route is as important as the destination, they lie when they say the end justifies the means. You may seem a fool but as long you have internal respect it dosen’t matter. Easy, does it!

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About Tinashe Inspired

Tinashe is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about community development through business and social investment. He is a critic of the static nature of the education systen in most parts of the world and seeks to bring about reformation in this area.
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