Seeking First the Kingdom

I don’t think that seeking first the kingdom is a matter of chronology but rather it is a matter of attitude and focus.

When it’s interpreted in terms of chronology, all it then means is that it is something to be suffered in anticipation of something more desirable. This is hugely inaccurate! When we take seeking first the kingdom in chronological terms, it fixes in our minds an idea that there will come a time when we no longer need to seek the kingdom because “all things have been added,” which would have been the objective. When we think like this we deceive ourselves. This perspective incorrectly that seeking first the kingdom is a pain that has to be endured to get what we want.

Seeking first the kingdom is really about attitude, focus and priority. We don’t seek first the kingdom so that “all these things” get added to us, rather they are added to us because we are seeking first the kingdom. It is not a time bound discipline to be practiced until breakthrough or to be abandoned if breakthrough seems illusive. It is a lifelong committment, a lifestyle. It is not a means to an end but rather should be the begining and end of who you are. All these things will be added, not as a reward but because they are really inseparable from the lifestyle of seeking God first.

We seek first the kingdom on a moment to moment and decision to decision basis. This lifestyle comes from a realisation that God is our loving creator with our best interests at heart. This is how “all these things” are added, not as a reward but because God wants us to have an abundant life which is only possible when we seek Him at every turn. Interesting thing is, when these things come they can’t make you more joyful because in seeking him our joy is complete. So from wherever you are, your joy can be complete!

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About Tinashe Inspired

Tinashe is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about community development through business and social investment. He is a critic of the static nature of the education systen in most parts of the world and seeks to bring about reformation in this area.
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