The Idol Worshipped in Zimbabwe

As much as Zimbabwe is above 70% christian I have observed serious idolatory. We have idolized education!

The fact that some of my readers will be offended by this write up only confirms my assertion. Zimbabwe has a great culture for learning. I love that fact but I think at times we are too attached to the process of learning or the evidence of learning (certificates). We evaluate everyone according to how “educated” they are, infact, according to how many “qualifications” they have. A certain local businessman is ridiculed for being “uneducatee” even though he is super rich. He could be that rich because he is “uneducated” if you ask me.

I was always annoyed at university when fellow students verbally assaulted commuter bus personnel because they were “uneducated,” what is education anyway? A lot of kids are growing up with a low self esteem because of poor academic performance. I think it’s wrong to measure a person’s worth by the papers they hold whether those papers are called cash or certificates.

The greatest sin resulting from this idol is our reluctance to critique, evaluate, revise or alter our education system. I think our education is daily becoming irrelevant. Our graduants are mostly just merely certified academics. The world does not belong to academics anymore, if it ever did; it belongs to innovators, creators and risk takers. We need to structure these elements into our curriculum. Our methods of instruction should be revisited. Education should become more diagnostic and specified to individuals. We cannot expect to groom innovators without being innovative in our approach.

It can only be done when we take the system off the pedestal. Let’s view education as a tool, an important one but not an achievement in and of itself. A tool can be improved but a god is untouchable!


About Tinashe Inspired

Tinashe is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about community development through business and social investment. He is a critic of the static nature of the education systen in most parts of the world and seeks to bring about reformation in this area.
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One Response to The Idol Worshipped in Zimbabwe

  1. Lesley says:

    Thats so true Mr brother-man,in zim we are having a problem of people who attain certificates bt nt putting the skills they must have got thru da course,to head-all in the name of money! At the end of the day we have schooled people nt educated people,and this is killing our industries coz da end result of dis is corruption. ZIMBOZ,CAN WE JUST STOP THIS SELFISHNES, PLIZ!!

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