Six Words We Know Really Well

We all know the difference between wisdom and intelligence don’t we? A great teacher never assumes that people know so bear with me. Intelligence is genetically determined and is almost measurable. It is not earned although it can be enhanced by one’s quest for learning and can be influenced by other environmental factors. This happens within a genetically defined scale. On the other hand, wisdom is earned, it is acquired. Wisdom is not knowledge neither is it understanding, rather it is knowledge of understanding and the understanding of knowledge. You can never find a human being without some measure of intelligence but fools (those with no wisdom), they are plenty! This is why it bothers me when I notice how we hold the super intelligent in so much awe and we do not seek the wise.

How about courage and bravery? My definition of brave is being fearless in the site of danger. In contrast courage is not the absense of fear but the ability to stand for a cause even when in fear! You can be brave in certain situations and be a cowered in the face of things that really scare you. Courage has nothing to do with fear or its absence thereoff but its a question of your beliefs and convictions. Courageous people are willing to die for what they stand for.

Authority and power are a set of interesting words as well. Power is simply capability but authority is a mandate. A man in power is able to act whereas a man in authority is able and enabled to act. A dictator may have power but lacks authority. The beauty of authority is that, it is exercised with a clear conscience!

An intelligent man can attain power, a wise man always seeks authority. A brave man has power and may also have authority but a wise man always has authority.

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About Tinashe Inspired

Tinashe is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about community development through business and social investment. He is a critic of the static nature of the education systen in most parts of the world and seeks to bring about reformation in this area.
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4 Responses to Six Words We Know Really Well

  1. kalabalu says:

    use intelligence wisely
    have courage to act bravely
    and use power when in authority, wisely and bravely..make it happen really

  2. Tabeth says:

    good summary Kalabalu!

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