Why I Didnt Enjoy University (continued)


I didn’t apply for a business major, I did Food Science and Technology. Why? From the time I was in junior high, I knew I wanted to start and run businesses but I was also very sure I didn’t want to go to business school. I had observed that few business graduates were effective entrepreneurs. I reasoned that business school taught how to think, taught the rules. I didn’t want rules, I didn’t want limitations. Largely I was right. There is need for our business schools to be incubation hubs for entrepreneurs, not boot camps for bureaucrats as they currently are. So I did Food Science because I loved chemistry and was good at it.

So what was I looking forward to? I was looking forward to an environment where my mind would be stretched. I was looking forward to becoming a thinker, I was disappointed. At university I was not expected to think, infact I was not allowed to. The environment was suffocating for an entrepreneur bird. If I wanted to pass, I had to recall verbatim from “prescribed texts” or I had to copy. I am not the recalling guy and I am a responsible christian who frowns on cheating, I struggled! To be honest I tried cheating once (don’t judge me, I repented) but it didn’t work, my poor sight ensured i got caught.

Free thinking was out, I couldn’t cheat. What was I to do? Like a good entrepreneur I adjusted to learning by recollection but disappointment was round the corner. I was being asked to recall outdated stuff!! I am an entrepreneur, remembering current things is bad enough because I am continously seeking for and trying to introduce something crazy new! Now what the slap was this??

So I didnt enjoy university. Not because I wasn’t cool, I think I was.

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About Tinashe Inspired

Tinashe is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about community development through business and social investment. He is a critic of the static nature of the education systen in most parts of the world and seeks to bring about reformation in this area.
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3 Responses to Why I Didnt Enjoy University (continued)

  1. Katz says:

    BRAVO!! I have always wondered what exactly you are up to, where you want to end up, how you going to get there…looking forward to your blog unlocking the mystery.

  2. Tabeth says:

    you made a `bad ` thing look good….(the whole i didnt enjoy university thing)

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